Dr. John Koziarski MD

Board Certified General Surgeon

About Dr. Koziarski

Dr. Koziarski was born and raised in Toledo, OH. He obtained his undergraduate education at the University of Toledo, and then attended the Medical College of Ohio to obtain his MD degree. Following medical school, he completed a 5 year residency at the Medical College of Ohio in the study of General and Vascular Surgery.
As a Board Certified general surgeon and member of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), Dr. Koziarski began private practice in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1994. Since then he has performed over 25,000 operations in the fields of general and vascular surgery.

In 2003, Dr. Koziarski limited his vascular practice to the treatment of varicose veins. While still performing the full range of general surgery, he took additional training in the treatment of venous diseases, specializing in Phlebology, and was the first physician in Michigan to perform an endovenous laser ablation. He passed the first certification exam given by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.

Dr. Koziarski has always stayed on the cutting edge of the practice of surgery throughout his career in Battle Creek.
He has brought many “firsts” to the area:

  • Sentinal lymph node biopsy in the treatment of breast cancer
  • Office based ultrasound breast biopsy
  • Advanced laparoscopic procedures including splenectomy, colectomy, and ventral hernia repair
  • Transoral surgery for gastroesophageal reflux
  • Single site da Vinci robotic surgery
  • Separation of components hernia repair- Open and da Vinci techniques
  • Non tumescent forms of endovenous closure

In 2013, Dr Koziarski began looking at nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help patients who were not responding to “traditional” medical or surgical therapy. The science based application of these principles is called Functional Medicine.  Dr Koziarski’s original practice, Family Surgical, PLC was the first physician practice in Calhoun County to offer this model of care. Many years of additional training was undertaken in the field of functional medicine, mostly through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

This new paradigm of health care has prompted a change in practice and practice style for Dr Koziarski.  In 2017, Family Surgical became Restorative Health Care. Dr. Koziarski is now based full time at the Restorative Health Care clinic, providing vein care, functional medicine care, and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.