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Over the years we have seen a growing number of patients come through our general surgery practice with abdominal complaints and no significant abnormal findings on testing. This was becoming increasingly frustrating as we felt very limited in our ability to help these patients that were clearly experiencing significant symptoms that were “not normal”.

Through investigation and our own research, we came upon the field of functional medicine. This approach for medical care focuses on treating the whole patient, rather than an individual disease. This allows us to look for the “root cause” of an illness, instead of treating symptoms or lab values with an increasing number of medications. To do this, a significant amount of time is spent with each patient getting an extensive history to determine what is causing the chronic health issues. We then discuss multiple interventions including dietary and lifestyle changes, vitamin and mineral replacement in addition to more traditional medical therapies when necessary, all of which is tailored to each individual patient. With this approach, we have been able to make a significant change in the health of many of our patients, without any surgery!

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We are excited to continue to grow this aspect of our practice. Much of our training has been obtained through the Institute of Functional Medicine. Please click the link below for more information on this integrative and science-based approach to healthcare.

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